The State of Startups and Industry Analysts (SSIA) research project was conducted with analyst relations experts Chris Holscher (Germany) and Robin Schaffer (US). It provides actionable data from over 500 participants.

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Data-driven insights for the startup ecosystem

Key findings include:

  • Visibility: While only 10% of startups think of buyer exposure as a key benefit from working with analysts, 79% of analysts say they work with startups specifically to recommend innovative emerging vendors to buyers.
  • Advantage: While two-thirds of startups believe broad availability of their products is necessary to get access to industry analysts, the majority of analysts want to hear from startups at or before beta stage.
  • Momentum: 57% of participating startups plan to intensify their activities with industry analysts in 2023.

For more information, help applying the findings, or to request an accessible version of the report, please contact Chris Holscher (Europe) or Robin Schaffer (North America and rest of world)