Right now the ICT research industry is subject to unusually rapid changes as freemium firms start to compete on value. To stay ahead of your competition you need to respond to the changing and growing needs of your customers, which is only possible through proper insights into their needs and wants.

  • Get insights into needs and wants of thousands of research users
  • Understand how to deliver more value compared to your competitors
  • Understand how the market is experiencing your research, services and brand

Analyst firms use the insights from the Analyst Value Survey to understand how they can deliver more value and overtake their competition. The AVS findings share the market's changing experience of your research, services, and brand reputation.

Our researchers can provide in-depth analysis into specific trends in the market and can help to solve questions like how to enter a new market, how to provide more value to your customers and prospects, and which areas of your business should be improved.

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